Happy Halloween. 

  • First joined tumblr: Woah how do you do those cool gifs and edits
  • Me now: Woah how do you do those cool gifs and edits
  • 1) Screenshot your desktop
  • 2) Screenshot your follower count
  • 3) Screenshot your activity page
  • 4) Screenshot your post count
  • 5) Screenshot your liked count
  • 6) Screenshot your followers
  • 7) Screenshot your dash
  • 8) Screenshot your favorite blog
  • 9) Screenshot your message count
  • 10) Screenshot your saved url's


You know, technically, everyone from SNK is of different nationalityWhich language do you think they speak to interact with each other?

Just imagine:



I love Marie’s hair~~~


I love Marie’s hair~~~

how do you expect me to do a homework assignment that requires a computer

do you know what happens when i get near a computer


So today I came across Pandora Hearts’ page on urban dictionary and I just



  1. x-just-oz-x replied to your post: Online
    I’m okay, how about ya? ^^
  2. mynameisclaire replied to your post: Online
    How are you?:3
    Hi there guys! Good to hear that! I’m also fine çwç. Thank you for asking!

Some just have afters

I was reading about the changing of the color of Oz eyes (x)…

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After a long time 

How are you guys? It’s been a long time çwç Miss ya all


Going, see ya later!